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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - The Original Screenplay was released on 16 November 2018, the same day the film premiered in the UK and US.[1][2] It was released in both book form and digital form.

The events of the screenplay followed the screenplay of the first film. It was written by J. K. Rowling. The cover was designed by MinaLima Design.[1]


To Kenzie

The book is dedicated to J.K. Rowling's daughter.


"I’ve worked with many writers, but no one quite as special as Jo. She knows her characters and her universe inside out, she’s one of the most dynamic thinkers I’ve ever met, and for someone who has enjoyed so much success she is incredibly grounded. Her storytelling is singular, yet she approaches the filmmaking process as producer and screenwriter with a genuinely collaborative spirit. I first read Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald in the spring of 2016, a full year and two months before we began shooting the film. The script felt layered, emotional, and that most precious of things: itself. For a filmmaker it offered many gifts and a huge sandpit in which to play. Whether the thrill of recreating Paris in the late 1920s, wrangling a new collection of wonderful beasts, or exploring an emotional, multi-stranded story with compelling characters and themes, each day of prep and production was always exciting as well as fun. Above all, however, it was the characters that captured and beguiled me on that first read; they are timeless, enchanting, intriguing. All of them are being tested to their core, navigating a world that is becoming ever more complex and dangerous—a world that, however heightened and magical, in some ways echoes our own across time." - David Yates September 9, 2018


The cover was designed in the theme of the second film, with the Eiffel Tower representing the main setting of the film - Paris. At the top, you can see something that appears to be Grindelwald's skull-hookah. Also on the top left and right, you can see a snake representing Nagini which is a Maledictus. Going down at the bottom of the snakes you can see two Thestrals which help escort Grindelwald which leads to Gellert Grindelwald's escape. On top of the Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald logo you can see a quill drawing the celtic knot representing the muggle and wizarding based storyline thats tied together. In the logo you can see the Elder wand, the resurrection stone, and the invisability cloak representing the Deathly Hallows which is very important to Gellert Grindelwald. The Fantastic Beasts title is much smaller than the Crimes of Grindelwald title showing that there is less beasts in the movie rather than in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (film) there is many more that is shown. Below the words Fantastic Beasts is, Newts wand. Below the movie title, is the Philosopher's Stone, surrounded by a glass dome, sitting on a pedestal. Which is sitting on a line that is connected to a locket that spells out the initials of Nicolas Flamel, "NF" which is the maker of the stone. Connected to the same line as the pedestal and diagonal to the locket is Gellert Grindelwald's pendant. Below the text that says "The Original Screenplay", is the Eiffel Tower with a pair of gold wings with beaks on both sides attached to it. Which likely resembles Credences Phoenix. At the bottom of the Eiffel Tower are bowtruckles showing how important they are in this movie and cats which are the Matagots. In the middle of the matagots is the Deathly Hallows symbol with the Elder wand promintenly displayed showing the Elder wand is the only Deathly Hallows we see in the film. Extending diagonal to the left and right are nifflers which help Newt Scamander locate Tina Goldstein. At both sides behind the nifflers is a women with feathers on her head which is likely to be Leta Lestrange since Corvus which is her father, translates to Raven. In the bottom corners of is a Oni which is held at Circus Arcanus. Finally, with all the symbols put together under the Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald logo forms a dragon which is what we see once the Protego Diabolica flames become big enough to form into a dragon and almost destroys all of Paris.


Aerial shot of the MACUSA building in 1927.

Gellert Grindelwald is seen with long hair and a beard sitting on a chair that's enchanted so he can't get up, Abernathy checks on Grindelwald through the slits of the prison cell that he is held in. A baby chupacabra chained to the leg of the chair.

Seraphina Picquery and Rudolph Spielman walk together towards the the door of the prison cell that Gellert is held in, talking about how Grindelwald is ready to be moved to answer about his Crimes in Europe. Abernathy acknowledges them and proves that he is ready for travel. Spielman and Picquery look at Grindelwald through the slit. They have thrown everything they can do to keep him in his cell. He is a very powerful wizard, so much that they have had to change his guard three times since he's very persuasive. They had to remove his tongue.

A room packed with cells along with prisoners inside them, bang the cell bars and chant Grindelwald as he gets transported upstairs, while magically in the air.

A few minutes later, they arrive to the top of the MACUSA buidling rooftop. A black carriage, drawn with eight Thestrals, waits while Auror 1 and 2 jump into the driver's seat, the rest of the Aurors force Grindelwald in the carriage.

Spielman talks about how the wizarding community across the whole world owes Seraphina a great debt but she adds that they should not underestimate him. Abernathy slowly walks towards them and shows them a black rectangular box. A few seconds after Picquery tells Abernathy to also mention what they also found which was a vial with glowing gold substance in it. Spielman puts his hand out while Grindelwald looks up towards the roof, Abernathy hesitantly hands it over.

Spielman climbs into the same carriage as Grindelwald, whilst Auror 1 and 2 are driving beside each other. The door of the carriage closes and a number of padlocks appear from the doors then a sound like a drumroll plays as all the padlocks fasten themselves in place.

Auror 1 yells towards the thestrals and they take off.

The carriage drops down a few hundred feet down the MACUSA building and soars while it storms. Aurors follow behind them on broomsticks. A beat plays. And Abernathy steps forward with the Elder wand in his hand, looking towards the carriage off in the distance and he disapparates.

Spielman and Grindelwald and a few Aurors sit looking at Grindelwald, pointing their wands at Grindelwald sitting their peacefully. Grindelwald's wand box lies on Spielman's lap. He holds up Grindelwalds vial while dangling from its chain mocking Grindelwald talking about how he will no longer have silver tongue. Grindelwald starts to transform.

Abernathy appears under the carriage while his face is also changing, his whole body is turning more like Grindelwald. He smirks, he is Grindelwald. With the Elder wand in his hand, he raises it.

Going back to the carriage, the transformation from Grindelwald to Abernathy is almost complete. Spielman is shocked by what he is witnessing.

Grindelwald is fully transformed and disapparates from under the carriage to the drivers seat, where Auror 1 and 2 spots him, Grindelwald points his wand at the reins of the carriage, turning the ropes attached to the thestrals into living snakes that trap Auror 1, and makes him fly past the Aurors riding the broomsticks. He casts another spell making the ropes that Auror 2 is holding, launch him up in the air and force him backwards knocking both Auror 3 and 4 off the rear of the carriage, they all fall from the sky into darkness.

Going back into the carriage, the wands of the Aurors jab into the neck of Spielman and the last two Aurors. Spielman's wand melts into thin dust while he watches.

The carriage rocks and the doors slam open. Grindelwald pokes his head outside the window, Spielman is panicking and opens Grindelwald's wand box with the baby Chupacabra inside and it leaps at him and bites into his neck. He tries to fight against it but struggles and making the vial in his hand drop to the floor.

Grindelwald is shown steering the carriage down towards the Hudson river, while the broomstick riders catch up, the wheels of the carriage ride the water. Grindelwald touched the river with the Elder wand making the carriage fill itself up with water. He draws the carriage back into the air

The remaining two Aurors, Spielman, and Abernathy hold their breath as the water fills the carriage. Spielman tries to grab the vial from the floor that is floating in the water, but the Chupacabra is blocking its path and Abernathy, with his hand still locked in a guard, is able to get the vial in his mouth.

With the power of the Elder wand, Grindelwald creates lighting by pointing into the stormy clouds, forks of lighting shoot down and strike the broomstick riders and knocking them from their brooms, making them fall into the sky.

Grindelwald shows himself to Abernathy and throws the door, the water pours out including the two remaining Aurors. Grindelwald climbs inside and grabs the vial from Abernathys mouth. He casts a spell towards Abernathys mouth which made his tongue forked like. Grindelwald lets Abernathy join him with his cause. He rips the Chupacabra off Spielmans neck while it rubs its bloody face affectionately against his hand. The creature is very affectionate and wants attention but Grindelwald doesn't like it and thinks that it is needy. He throws it out out the door. Grindelwald grabs Spielman and throws him from the carriage and tosses a wand after him. Spielman is falling very fast but slow enough for him to conjure the Slowing Charm. After landing in the ocean, he watches as his carriage drives away to the direction of Europe.

Three months later, in London. A owl flutters down into the Ministry from the exterior of the the building. Newton Scamander sits in a waiting area of the British Ministry of Magic alone, staring into space. He feels as something is tugging on his wrist, he looks, and it's his bowtruckle, Pickett, it is swinging on a loose thread of the cuff of Newt's jacket. The thread snaps and Picket falls to the ground and including the button which rolled down a corridor. Newt and Pickett watch together while it rolls.

A beat.

They look at each other one more time and chase after the button. Newt wins the chase and bends down to pick it up, but finds himself looking down at a pair of female feet. Leta Lestrange, a beautiful woman, stands looking down, smiling at Newt and saying that they are ready for him. Newt stands up, fixes himself, stuffs his bowtruckle and the bottom into his pocket. Newt is confused and asks why she is at the Ministry of Magic and she responds that Theseus thought it would be good if she joined the Ministry family. Newt wonders if Theseus actually said Minstry family. Leta laughs at Newt's joke and they walk into the corridor. There seems to be a lot of tension as the two share a long history together. Newt adds to what they were talking about and how that sounds like something his Theseus would say. Leta says that Theseus was disappointed he couldn't make it to any of the dinners that they planned to ask Newt to. Newt adds that he was busy but is overtalked by Leta saying that Theseus is Newt's brother and he likes to spend time with him and she also does.

Pickett climbs onto Newt's lapel of his jacket but is spotted by Newt and is told to hop happily and cuddles back into the pocket. Leta smiles and asks why do strange creatures like him so much and Newt adds there are no strange creatures and Leta and Newt say together, only blinkered people. Leta smiles and Newt takes it mutually. Leta wondered how long Newt got detention for saying that to Prendergast and he adds that he thinks it was a month that time. Leta adds back to his comment saying that she set off a Dungbomb under Prendergasts desk so she could join him in detention an asks if Newt remembers that, but Newt does not remember. They come across the site of scary, official doors leading into the Ministry of Magic Hearing Room. Theseus Scamander comes out from the room. Leta comes to a halt and Newt shyly walks around Theseus, who is very like Newt but more outgoing and easer in manner. He winks at Leta before turning and saying hello to Newt, and Leta talks about how they were talking about Newt coming for dinner, and Theseus engages but adds for Newt to be a little. There's a wordless gesture pointing to Pickett, Newt's blue coat, and his messy hair, Like me adds Newt.

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