Fenrir Greyback's wand is a wand of unknown length, material, and core owned by the werewolf and Snatcher, Fenrir Greyback.


At the time of his capture by the Ministry of Magic in 1965, Fenrir was not carrying this (or any) wand with him. This, along with his filthy clothing and quick improvisational acting, allowed him to escape persecution from the ill-maintained Werewolf Registry committee. He then escaped before a Memory Charm could be cast on him, and managed to obtain this wand sometime later.[1]

Although it is only mentioned briefly, Greyback was able to cast the Unlocking Charm nonverbally with his wand, and also was able to duel with it.[citation needed]

In 1998, Bellatrix Lestrange overpowered Greyback and his Snatchers and took his wand during a dispute at Malfoy Manor after Harry Potter and his friends were captured. She returned his wand to him shortly before she began her interrogation and torture of Hermione Granger.[2]


Notes and references

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