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[[es:Aseo de chicos del quinto piso]]
[[es:Aseo de chicos del quinto piso]]
[[pl:Toalety dla chłopców na piątym piętrze]]

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"Blasted Weasleys. Blown up 'alf the toilets on the fifth floor!"
Argus Filch[src]
There was a boys' restroom in the Fifth Floor Corridor of Hogwarts Castle. This bathroom contained some stalls, along with a couple of urinals and washbasins.[1] During the 1991-1992 school year, Fred and George Weasley blew up some toilets in this bathroom, leaving Argus Filch to clean up their mess.[2] Afterwards, the Weasley twins attempted to mail a Hogwarts toilet seat that came from this bathroom to a recovering Harry Potter in the Hospital Wing.[3]


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