"The Finestra spell can be used to shatter glass."
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The Finestra spell[2] (Finestra)[1] was a charm which shattered glass. This spell was useful in that it made very little sound, allowing for discreet entry through a window.[1]


On 6 December 1926, Newt Scamander shattered the front window of the Voclain & Co. jewellery store in New York using this spell to try and recapture his escaped niffler when he saw it loose inside the store stealing things.[1]


The word finestra means "window" in Italian, Catalan and Sicilian.[3] Given Rowling's use of puns in the construction of other incantations (e.g. Orchideous and Aguamenti), it is also possible that finestra is a sort of double entendre - a humorous blend of fine or finis, the Italian and Latin words for "end",[4] and finestra for window. Together, this could allude to the spell's ironic capacity to destroy windows in the creation of an opening or "window".

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