The Fire-Breathing Potion is a dangerous potion that can make a person breathe fire.


In the 1985-1986 school year, Rubeus Hagrid asked Jacob's sibling for help brewing this potion to free his puppy from a Devil's Snare.

When Jacob's sibling asked Severus Snape to teach them how to make it, the Potions Master reluctantly permitted them observe as he brewed some for his potions stores. While brewing it, he stated that the powdered horn of a Romanian Longhorn was an extremely valuable and versatile ingredient, and he also warned Jacob's sibling from using the fire-breathing potion recklessly, and preferably not at all, informing them that the fluid was, once finished, "highly volatile, and have been known to melt flesh to the bone." However, as Hagrid had already informed Jacob's sibling beforehand, mint had naturally healing and cooling properties, allowing the drinker to consume it without melting their tongue.[1]


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