"Small lizard which can emit great heat. Good for reheating dishes."
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Fire Dwelling Salamanders,[1] also called Fire Salamanders,[2] or just simply Salamanders, were small, magical fire dwelling lizards that fed on flames.[3][4]



A Fire Dwelling Salamander

Salamanders were born out of salamander fires, and lived as long as the flames they were birthed from continue to burn.[5] However, if they were fed on pepper, they could survive outside out of its flames for up to six hours.[3] The colour of the Salamander depended on the heat of its birthing fire,[3] and produces hot flames itself.[2][5]


A bottle of Salamander blood

Salamander blood had powerful regenerative and curative properties, and was used as an ingredient in the brewing of many potions. The Fire Dwelling Salamander was a rare corporeal form of the Patronus Charm.[1]

The number six, in runic

The maximum number of hours a salamander could survive out of fire as well as the number of legs most salamanders had was six, and as such, salamanders were used in the runic alphabet to represent the number six.[6]


There were different types of salamanders, such as the blue and the scarlet variety.[7] Scale rot was an illness that can affect both salamanders and dragons. If left untreated, it could cause a salamander's tail to detach.[8] Fire Salamanders were vulnerable to the Knockback Jinx, Freezing Spell[7] and water-conjuring charms (such as the Aqua Eructo Charm and the Ebublio Jinx), as well as transfiguration spells,[5] but are resistant to Red sparks and the Fire-Making Spell.[2]

There also existed a variant species called the Frost Salamander that instead of dwelling in fire was closely associated with ice.[2][7]


Fred and George Weasley once experimented with feeding fireworks to a salamander, which caused it to rocket around the room, emitting Tangerine stars. The salamander ended up running back into the fireplace in the room, looking scared.[9]

In January 1994, Professor Rubeus Hagrid taught his third year Care of Magical Creatures class about these beasts, providing his class with a "bonfire" full of them, with students very much enjoying his lesson, collecting dry wood and leaves to keep their fire blazing while the salamanders scampered up and down the burning logs.[4]

In 1996, Rubeus Hagrid mentioned that he needed to rub more chilli powder on a couple of salamanders that had scale rot.[8]

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Fire Dwelling Salamander as a Patronus form

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