"Fire seeds are used in certain potions. It is advisable to make sure that the fires on the bushes that bear them are thoroughly extinguished before picking."
Folio Bruti on the fire seed bush[src]

Fire seeds (also spelled fireseeds) are the seeds from the fire seed bush. They are used as ingredients in certain potions,[1] including the Fire-Breathing Potion,[2] and the Antidote to Uncommon Poisons.[1] When fire seeds are thrown into a fire, it emits a great burst of heat, which can be used in the final stage of hatching dragon eggs.[3]

As the seeds are as hot as fire while still attached to the plant, they must first be cooled down before collecting them. The fastest way this can be done is by chilling the seeds, such as with a Freezing Spell.[1] Alternatively, the seeds can be removed from the plant, such as with a Knockback Jinx, and will cool down after waiting a while.[3]

Rubeus Hagrid used these seeds to hatch the egg of his baby dragon, Norbert.[3]


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