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A Firedrake was a small magical flying lizard, of which several were kept by the Circus Arcanus in 1927.[1]


Small flying lizards with long antennae, Firedrakes are sometimes mistaken for dragons, though they do not breathe fire. Instead they emit sparks from the ends of their tails, which can be used to set anything flammable alight.[2]


Caged Firedrakes at the Circus Arcanus

Several of these creatures were kept in a cage at the Circus Arcanus, which were released by Credence Barebone during his and Nagini's escape from the circus early in 1927.[3]

During the Calamity which affected the Wizarding world, Firedrakes were among the various magical creatures that threatened the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy.[4]

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Behind the scenes

  • Firedrakes were first seen in passing in the Teaser Trailer, but only given details in late 2018, shortly prior to the film's release.
  • It is implied that Firedrakes can be kept as pets, though this is uncertain and unverified.


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