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"Harry grabbed the diary and dashed out of the office. He could hear Dobby’s squeals of pain receding around the corner. Quickly, wondering if this plan could possibly work, Harry took off one of his shoes, pulled off his slimy, filthy sock, and stuffed the diary into it. Then he ran down the dark corridor."
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The first-floor corridor was one of the many corridors in Hogwarts Castle. It was located on both sides of the castle on the first floor. It was connected to the second-floor corridor by a staircase, and to the Serpentine Corridor by another by Minerva McGonagall's office.[2]


The Stone Bridge

Close to the Grand Staircase

The corridor began in the Grand Staircase Tower at the first floor level. It connected to the Stone Bridge and passed by the entrance to the Middle Courtyard. Finally it became the Tapestry Corridor and entered the Viaduct Entrance.[1]

The first-floor corridor also passed by the Marble Staircase, as the balcony above the Entrance Hall. There was a secret shortcut to the third floor behind a statue on this corridor.[3]


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