"'Flagrate!' She drew with her wand in midair and a fiery 'X' appeared on the door."
—Hermione's use in the Entrance Room of the Department of Mysteries[src]

Flagrate is the incantation for a charm that allows one to write or draw in midair with fiery lines. The shape lingers for some time.[1]


Upon saying the incantation, the caster is able to move their wand to write in fiery lines in midair. It can be used to write text or symbols, and the writing lingers for a while after drawing it.[1]

Known uses

Caster(s) Date Notes
Tom Riddle's soul 29 May, 1993 Tom Riddle's soul contained in his diary used this spell non-verbally in the Chamber of Secrets manipulating the trail to spell out his name-"Tom Marvolo Riddle", and rearranged the fiery letters with a flick of his wand into the message "I Am Lord Voldemort", thus revealing to Harry Potter his true identity as the infamous Dark Lord.
Hermione Granger 18 June, 1996 She used this spell to mark the repeatedly changing doors that she, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley had entered with a fiery "X" in the Entrance Room of the Department of Mysteries, in 1996. The usage of the spell allowed the group to continuously know which doors they had entered, and which ones they had not

Known practitioners


The word Flagrate comes from the Latin words "flagro", meaning "glowing", or "blaze".


Notes and references

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