A Flesh-Eating Slug is a magical creature very similar to its namesake, the common garden slug.[1]


The spittle of the Flesh-Eating Slug has a corrosive effect on both skin and plants.[2]


Flesh-Eating Slug

Flesh Eating Slug

It is a garden pest, and in 1992, the Hogwarts Gamekeeper Rubeus Hagrid explained to Harry Potter that Flesh-Eating Slugs were ruining all of the school cabbages. The only known way to get rid of these slugs is by using a specific repellent that can be bought in Knockturn Alley.[1]

The Flesh-Eating Slug is apparently a fairly frightening creature to some, since a Hogwarts student was scared enough of them to turn a Boggart into one.[3]

During the Calamity which occurred in the 2010s, several Flesh-Eating Slug Foundables were found being guarded by Troll Confoundables. Volunteer wizards and witches had to overcome these small obstacles by using the Knockback Jinx to knock the Trolls over and allow the slug Foundables to return to the Hogwarts vegetable patches.[4]

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