Fleury's Fancy Fauna was a wizarding pet shop located behind the Clipper building at 33 Centre Street in New York until its closure in 1925.[2][3] They were dealers in "rarified exotic creatures" and "fantastical beasts," from around the world. They were adept in furnishing fantastical beasts to the Discerning Collector. All manner of creature quests were undertaken. They advertised in a newspaper that Appaloosa Puffskeins were their speciality.[2]


The shop was forcibly shut down by MACUSA officials in 1925 for illegally breeding magical creatures within city limits.[3]

Behind the scenes

  • Centre Street is a real street in New York. From the map in the advertisement their location appears to be just north of the intersection of Centre Street and Leonard Street.[4]


Notes and references

New York, NY, USA
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