"Ah, hello again, Potter. I see you've come back for more practice! I have a special task for you. Some of Hagrid's pet Flitterby moths escaped into the courtyard. If you're quick, you can catch them all! OK, ready Potter? GO!"
Madam Hooch assigns Harry Potter with catching Rubeus Hagrid's escaped Flitterby moths.[src]

The Flitterby is a magical species of moth. Flitterby moths have orange glowing wings and hum characteristically lightly and playfully when in flight, almost like if they were laughing.[1] Flitterby moths are attracted to heat, and can be used in Potion-making as an ingredient.[2]

Flitterby moths

Some Flitterby moths

Rubeus Hagrid owns at least half a score of these creatures. In 1991, they escaped from him and Madam Hooch charged Harry Potter with catching them as an extra broomstick practise.[1]

In 1992, and as part of his Quidditch training, Oliver Wood told Harry Potter to catch a Flitterby as quickly as he could.[3]


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