Ron Weasley: "Before that lecture, I thought I knew everything I wanted to about Flobberworm Mucous. And I was right."
Hermione Granger: "Well, I thought he touched on some interesting aspects."
— Discussing Severus Snape's lecture on the history of Flobberworm Mucous extraction[src]

Flobberworm mucus, alternatively spelled Flobberworm mucous[3] or Flobber Mucus for short,[2] is the slimy green mucus exuded from the Flobberworm, often used to thicken potions.[1]


A popular potion ingredient, it is used in the Wiggenweld Potion,[2] Herbicide Potion, and the Sleeping Draught. Flobberworm mucus is sold at the Apothecary, costing one Galleon for eight bottles.[1] This mucus is also spread all over the roof beams on the Hogwarts attic.[2]


On 2 December, 1926, The New York Ghost published an article in which Healers claimed that Flobberworm mucus could boost the immunity of infants.[4]


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