Floor 5 Bonus was the name given to a set of chambers located on the fifth floor of Hogwarts Castle, that included a small study and a disused classroom, along with some empty rooms and galleries. During the 1992-1993 school year, the entrance to these rooms was blocked by ectoplasm, in such a way that only mastery of the Skurge charm could allow one in. The chambers contained ten tomato-flavoured Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans (out of one hundred that were hidden around the castle during that school year) and two Chocolate Frogs. Most of the treasures were hidden inside vases, behind portraits, inside treasure chests, or in other such locations.[1]


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Hogwarts Castle
Locations on the fifth floor

Art Classroom · Boys' Restroom · Classroom · Classroom 5B · Corridor · Hall · Hospital tower corridor · Muggle Studies showroom · Music Classroom · Prefects' Bathroom · Secret Muggle Room · Storeroom · Upper Hall · Weasley Candy Emporium · Weasley Supplies Bargain Basement

Portraits, statues and other artwork located on the fifth floor

Boris the Bewildered · Norvel Twonk · Timothy the Timid

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