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"They were looking straight into the eyes of a monstrous dog, a dog that filled the whole space between ceiling and floor. It had three heads. Three pairs of rolling, mad eyes; three noses, twitching and quivering in their direction; three drooling mouths, saliva hanging in slippery ropes from yellowish fangs. It was standing quite still, all six eyes staring at them, and Harry knew that the only reason they weren't already dead was that their sudden appearance had taken it by surprise, but it was quickly getting over that, there was no mistaking what those thunderous growls meant."
Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and Neville Longbottom encountering Fluffy[src]

Fluffy was a gigantic, monstrous male three-headed dog who was once cared for by Rubeus Hagrid. Fluffy's greatest weakness was the inability to resist falling asleep to the sound of music.[1]


Guarding the Philosopher's Stone[]

Ron Weasley: "What do they think they're doing, keeping a thing like that locked up in a school? If any dog needs exercise, that one does."
Hermione Granger: "You don't use your eyes, any of you, do you? Didn't you see what it was standing on?"
Harry Potter: "The floor? I wasn't looking at its feet, I was too busy with its heads."
Hermione Granger: "No, not the floor. It was standing on a trapdoor. It's obviously guarding something."
— The trio after having encountered Fluffy after night hours[src]

Rubeus Hagrid originally purchased Fluffy from a "Greek chappie" in a pub. Hagrid loaned Fluffy to the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, to aid in guarding the Philosopher's Stone, during the 1991–1992 school year.[2] In addition, as further insurance against intruders, the door leading to the room Fluffy was in was locked magically.[3]


Fluffy sleeping before the trio enter his room

Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, along with Neville Longbottom, first encountered Fluffy when Draco Malfoy challenged Harry to a duel, which he accepted. When Hermione tried to stop Harry and Ron from sneaking out later that night, she found herself locked out of the Gryffindor Tower, as the Fat Lady had left sometime earlier, and ended up going along with them. Neville Longbottom, who had forgotten the password to the common room and was sleeping on the floor outside, joined them as well. When they arrived at the Trophy Room, the intended site of the duel, Malfoy was nowhere to be found. To avoid being caught by Argus Filch, they ran away and ended up in the forbidden area on the third floor, staring at the massive three-headed dog. Despite being furious about having broken countless school rules, Hermione had noticed that the dog was standing on a trap door, and guarding something.[3] They later deduced, from hints about Nicolas Flamel dropped unintentionally by Hagrid, that this "something" was the Philosopher's Stone.[2][4][1]

Fluffy HP1

Fluffy angry-looking after the trio disturbed him

Later that year, Hagrid happily told the trio that he had a won a dragon egg in a card game at the Hog's Head. Thinking that it was too much of a coincidence that, as Hagrid had always dreamed of owning a dragon, someone just happened to show up at the local pub with a dragon egg, the trio questioned Hagrid about the supposed dragon dealer. Upon finding out that Hagrid had never even seen the man's face, as he wore a hood, yet Hagrid had drunkenly told him how to get past Fluffy, they came to the conclusion that the hooded man must have been Severus Snape, when it was really Quirinus Quirrell. Before Hagrid told Quirrell, though he didn't know it was Quirrell, Hagrid and Dumbledore were the only ones who knew how to get past Fluffy.[4]

As that meant the stone was no longer safe, they decided to go after Snape themselves, and Harry brought along the flute that Hagrid had given him for Christmas to use in lulling Fluffy to sleep. Arriving at the room, they noticed an enchanted harp at a sleeping Fluffy's feet, and believed that Professor Snape was already on his way to retrieving the stone. Fluffy soon awoke, as the enchantment on the harp wore off, and it stopped playing. As Harry played the flute, which almost immediately put Fluffy back to sleep, Ron crept over to the trap door and opened it, but was unable to see anything below. Hermione took over playing the flute, while Harry jumped in first, followed by Ron. After they called up to Hermione that it was safe, she stopped playing and jumped down the trap door just in time, as Fluffy woke up as soon as the music stopped.[1]

Return to Greece[]

After Fluffy's duties were done, and the Stone was destroyed, Hagrid set Fluffy free in the Forbidden Forest.[5] Shortly thereafter, however, Dumbledore decided to arrange for it to be sent back to his native Greece, as he preferred to keep some of Hagrid's more ill-advised acquisitions away from the school.[6]

In 2019, Fluffy was suspected to have been involved in an incident with a taco truck.[7]

Personality and traits[]

Fluffy was generally vicious, fierce, and extremely strong, though he possibly acted somewhat more docile around certain people, like Rubeus Hagrid, who was able to get Fluffy into the third floor corridor. One known way to calm Fluffy was to play music, which made him fall asleep.[1] Three-headed dogs were very rare creatures, and it is unknown if, like the Runespoor, each head served a different purpose.

Behind the scenes[]

Fluffy LEGO

Fluffy in LEGO form

Fluffy - PAS

Fluffy as seen in Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells

  • Three-headed dogs are prominent in Greek and Roman mythology and are also known as hellhounds, the chief of all being Cerberus, Guardian to the Underworld. However, in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Hagrid says he bought Fluffy from "an Irish feller" rather than "a Greek chappie"; losing the original reference.
    • Screenwriter Steve Kloves has stated that he originally used "a Greek chappie," but did not know how the line got changed.[8]
  • In the film adaptation, Neville was not present when the trio first met Fluffy.
  • In the book, Quirrell and the trio use different musical instruments to put Fluffy to sleep, a harp and a flute. In the film adaptation, the harp is still playing when they enter the room and only stops just before they jump down into the trap door just in the nick of time. In LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, the harp is broken when they first enter the room and they have to distract Fluffy with a rubber duck so that they can fix the harp.
  • The Noble Collection sells a pewter metal version of Fluffy.
  • In The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, one can purchase a plush version of Fluffy. Additionally, a massive animatronic of Fluffy eating a bone in a cave in the Forbidden Forest can be found in the Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure attraction.
  • The film version of Fluffy appears to be physically based on a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
  • To make Fluffy appear more realistic, his heads were made to move independently and to each have their own personality. One was "smart", one was "alert", and one was "sleepy".[9]


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