The Avada Kedavra Curse article has a mistake in the etymology section, and the article is uneditable!

This is the mistake: It cites the root of Avada Kedavra as the Aramaic phrase avda k'davra - what is said is done. While this may be possible, more likely is that it comes from avada k'davra, which means "disappear [lit.: be lost] at this word." The spelling is almost identical - the "ayin" which begins the first world (the letter all the way at the right) should be replaced by an "aleph", which is the last letter of the last world (the letter all the way to the left.) Additionally the vowelization mark under the second letter of the first word (second from the right) should be, instead of the sh'va it is now (looks like a colon) a patakh (which looks like a dash). This alternative definition fits much better with J. K. Rowling's explanation for her decision to use it, and also seems to be the opinion of the author of the book entitled The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter. As a student of the Talmud, which is written in Aramaic, I can assure you that this meaning also seems much more credible. However, I was unable to insert this change because the page is locked! What should I do?
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—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Colincreevey (talkcontribs).

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