May I suggest that the Mistakes in the Harry Potter books page be locked.  If someone wants to add to or change a portion of it, they should make their case on the "talk" page.  This would provide the opportunity for a discussion about the merits of the proposed "mistake."  Then, if it is appropriate, an administrator can change the page itself.  It seems that every week some new user attempts to add something like the "mistake" of Hermione and the "memory charm."  Also, many of the mistakes are the expected result of people not having perfect memories, or doing the most rationale thing under all circumstances.  If this actually happened in the series, this would have been a true "mistake."

A more radical suggestion would be to split this page in two.  One would consist of true mistakes - for example, the day of the week for 31 July 1991, or spelling errors.  The other would consist of "unlcear issues" in the books, such as the nature of the Fidelius Charm, for example. Wva (talk) 17:45, May 5, 2014 (UTC)
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