"You'll need to get some foxglove from that chest over there."
Severus Snape instructs Harry Potter while making a Pompion Potion[src]

Foxgloves are a genus of herbaceous plants with vivid flowers that range in colour from various purple tints through various shades of light grey. Foxgloves are also highly poisonous.

Foxgloves are used in Potion-making, and are an essential ingredient in the preparation of the Pompion Potion.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • Foxglove, a highly toxic plant, was associated with death and magic in Medieval European folkore. Eating the plant can cause heart failure, but the plant is also used in a modern heart drug.[2] In medieval times, the foxglove plant was also known as Witches' Fingers, Goblin Gloves, and in Celtic lus na mban sídhe (plant of the fairy women).[3]


Notes and references

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