"One freckle-faced six-year-old left the hall in tears. 'I loved stooging,' he sobbed to the Daily Prophet. 'Me and me dad like watching them Keepers flattened. I don't want to go to Quidditch no more.'"
Daily Prophet[src]

This individual (born c. 1878) was among the crowd of Quidditch fans present at the announcement of the ban on Stooging by the Department of Magical Games and Sports on 21 June, 1884. Much like the rest of the crowd present, this boy expressed his displeasure at the ban, telling a Daily Prophet reporter that he liked "watching them Keepers flattened" and that the announcement made him not "want to go to Quidditch no more".[2]


Notes and references

  1. He mentions that he and his father like watching Quidditch, meaning his father is a wizard (though his blood is unknown), meaning as this boy has at least one wizarding parent he cannot be a [Muggle-born].
  2. Quidditch Through the Ages, Chapter 6 (Changes in Quidditch since the Fourteenth Century)
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