A 1926 issue of a French-language wizarding newspaper

French was a Latin language which originated in northern France. It was spoken natively by millions around the world and was an official language of numerous countries, including France, Belgium, and Canada.[1]


French wizarding terms

English Quidditch terminology was uniformly used throughout Europe for many centuries. In 1635, the Académie française des sorciers, a committee of experts headed by the well-known academics Boniface Toubeau and Archibald Bienbon, was founded. It created French equivalents of the original English Quidditch terms.[2]

English word or phrase French equivalent
Non-magic people Non-magiques[3]
Nifflers Niffleurs[4]
French Ministry of Magic Ministere des Affaires Magiques de la France[5]

Known French words and phrases

Word or phrase English translation Speaker
"C'est impossible." "It's impossible." Olympe Maxime[6]
"Charmant!" "Charming!" Monsieur Delacour[7]
"Here—permettez-moi to assister vous." "Here—allow me to help you." Fred Weasley[8]
"Allons-y!" "Let's go!"[9] Aurélie Dumont[10]
"Merci beaucoup" "Thank you very much"[11] Aurélie Dumont[10]
"Au contraire" "On the contrary"[12] Aurélie Dumont[10]
"Je suis désolée" "Pardon" Aurélie Dumont[10]



When 1926 arrived, there was at least one French-language wizarding newspaper, which reported on Gellert Grindelwald with the headline "À la Recherche De Grindelwald: Mage Noir En Fuite" (English: In Search of Grindelwald: Dark Wizard at Large) that year.[13]

Harry Potter heard Olympe Maxime and Fleur Delacour talking to each other "very fast" in French after the unprecedented selection of four Triwizard champions by the Goblet of Fire in 1994.[6] Before the Third Task of the tournament later that same school year, Harry heard Fleur "jabbering away" to her mother, Apolline Delacour, in French.[14]

While staying at The Burrow before the wedding of Fleur and Bill Weasley in 1997, Monsieur Delacour declared everything to do with the wedding "charmant!" ("charming!"), and Gabrielle Delacour was heard "jabbering away" to Fleur in "rapid" French.[7]

Known French speakers


An advertisement for a magic translator's services that appeared in the classified section of an issue of the Quibbler listed several languages available for translation, including the "Latin languages," which presumably included French.[16]


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