The headquarters of the French Ministry of Magic are located underground, below Paris, France.[2]



The French Ministry of Magic headquarters is a great art nouveau building full of light with a magically glass roof. The headquarters is comprised of domes connected by a network of tunnels. These domes are housed beneath a multi-faceted glass-paneled building. The dome is enchanted and depicts beasts within star constellations. Among the beasts are Graphorn, Demiguise, Mooncalf, Occamy, dragon, Murtlap, Niffler, Hippogriff, and Streeler. The main dome doubles as the entrance to the atrium and features the balustrade, the typing pool, and an ornate caged elevator. The walls are mostly made of glass framed by what appeared to be green steel shaped in long, sinuous lines typical of art nouveau. Behind one of these walls was a heavy bronze reception desk, while in the centre of the room were rows of tall green-and-gold cabinets, with narrow, individually numbered drawers. The second floor has an incredibly sloped landing, and another glass-lined room with offices labelled "Les Archiving Ancêtres." The desks had an array of stationery and work equipment, including circular ticker tapes that fly off like snakes and silver metal quills.[2] The statues surrounding the ministry are all female.[3] The Records Room are also located within the headquarters.

Entrances to the Headquarters



Behind the scenes

  • Martin Foley recalls, “The French Ministry was really difficult. It’s a curved balcony and steel and glass. […] Engineering[-]wise, there'[re] a lot of calculations."[2]

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