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The records room was located at the French Ministry of Magic.[1]


The records room had a beautiful atrium, and was found behind towering Art Nouveau doors that were carved to look like trees. There was desk guarding these doors, and an archivist had to check an ancient book that had the name of every family who had a record in the room before granting access.[2]

The records room was very dark, and had acres of shelves carved to look like trees holding records: rolls of parchments and a few prophecies, trunks and boxes. A record owner wishing to access their record would have to say the name of their family, and the shelves would shift and bring their record to them. Using the Circumrota spell would turn the shelves.[1]

If the archivist found someone in the room who they felt should not be in there, they could call for the Matagots who guard the French Ministry of Magic. The shelves would spin to apprehend the intruder, and retract into the floor to expose their whereabouts in an empty room. Using Ascendio would cause the shelves to go back up.[1]


The Lestrange family kept records in this room until they relocated them, leaving a note in place of the box informing the reader of the new location.[1]

In September 1927, Melusine was an archivist working in the records room, when Newton Scamander and Tina Goldstein pretended to be Leta Lestrange and her fiancé to access the Lestrange family records.[2] Their purpose was to find out why Gellert Grindelwald was interested in Credence Barebone.[3] The real Leta went in to the Records Room intending to destroy any record of her brother Corvus Lestrange's death before someone found it, and found Newt and Tina in there. Melusine called for Matagots because of Newt and Tina's intrusion.[1]

The shelves in the room tried to stop them by descending into the ground and exposing their location, but Newt helped Leta and Tina escape by putting them in his suitcase and using a Zouwu to get out of the Ministry.[1]

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