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The French National Quidditch team was the team that represented France for international Quidditch tournaments. The 1994 team was comprised primarily of women, and they played in pale blue robes on white brooms.[1]

Team special move

Mallard swings on her broom in their team move

Their team special move, the Blitzen Ballet, involved a lot of spinning, and played out as follows: Chasers Marat and Mallard passed the quaffle, then Mallard swung across to Chaser Lafarge's broom as Mallard passed the Quaffle to Marat, who scored while the opposing Keeper was distracted.[1]


French Stadium

The French Quidditch Stadium resembled the Palace of Versailles, with an elaborate, symmetrical hedge maze and opulent gardens covering the field.[1]


The team shield

The French emblem depicted blue and beige squares in the background. On the front stood a white Cockatrice holding a broomstick, whilst above, on a white background, three flowers known as fleurs-de-lis decorated it.[1]


1994 Quidditch World Cup

France played in the 1994 Quidditch World Cup. They didn't reach the final.[1]

2006 Quidditch World Cup

France reached the final, but lost the match to Burkina Faso 300 to 220.[2]

2014 Quidditch World Cup

France did not reach the World Cup this year, which was held in Argentina.


French National Team
Mathilde Mallard.png
Mathilde Mallard
Josephine Marat.png
Josephine Marat
Hildegarde Lafarge.png
Hildegarde Lafarge
Alain Lacroix.png
Alain Lacroix
Ninon Saucet.png
Ninon Saucet
Keeper Seeker
Bastien Janvier.png
Bastien Janvier
Cybèle Peltier.png
Cybèle Peltier


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