"Can't remember her much. Wasn' a great mother."
Rubeus Hagrid describing his mother[src]

Fridwulfa was a giantess and the mother of the Half-giant Rubeus Hagrid and the giant Grawp.[2]


In 1928, Fridwulfa bore a child with Mr Hagrid, but deserted him and her son, Rubeus, when he was three years old. She returned to the Giants, and bore another child, Grawp, by another giant.[4] She died years before the events of the Second Wizarding War.[3]

The reason she deserted Rubeus was that he was "small" in size, and Giants prefer to produce large-sized children. The same disappointment went to her second son, Grawp. For her desertion, Mr Hagrid was heartbroken and Rubeus didn't remember her much except for not being a great mother.[3]

Behind the scenes

  • In 1995, when Rita Skeeter published an article on Hagrid's half-giant ancestry, she mentioned Fridwulfa by name, even though no one (aside from Hagrid, who had told her to leave) knew it. It is possible this may have been information that Skeeter somehow picked up while spying in her animagus form as a beetle.
  • Rita Skeeter seems to insinuate in her article that Fridwulfa was among those who fought for Voldemort's side during the First Wizarding War, though there is no evidence to support this. It's unknown if this is true as Hagrid claims that she left when he was three, nearly four decades before the war even began.
  • Fridwulfa was the first giant named in the books, and is, to date, the only giantess named in canon.


Notes and references

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