Fried eggs

A fried egg is a food made from an egg fried whole with minimal accompaniment. They are traditionally eaten for breakfast, lunch or tea in English-speaking countries, but may be eaten at other times of the day in other cultures. Fried eggs are distinguished from other forms of eggs cooked in a frying pan, such as scrambled eggs and omelettes, in that the white and yolk are kept distinct rather than beaten or mixed together.

In 1991, Harry Potter was in charge of frying the eggs for Dudley Dursleys birthday. In 1992, Vernon Dursley had remains of fried eggs in his moustache while he was yelling at Harry. Also in 1992, the Weasley family was eating fried eggs with bacon as their breakfast. Later that year, Ron commented "You could have fried an egg on your face. You'd better hope Creevey doesn't meet Ginny, or they'll be starting a Harry Potter Fan Club," after seeing Harry's reaction to his singing Valentine from Ginny.

Fried egg was sometimes served as part of regular breakfasts at Hogwarts. One morning in early 1997, Ron waved a forkful of fried egg as he expressed his confidence that Harry would easily be able to get the memory about Horcruxes from Horace Slughorn.[1]


Notes and references

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