Fudge was the surname of a wizarding family. It is unknown if they were pure-blood, or had both Muggle and magical heritage. However, given that Cornelius Fudge showed favouritism for those with purely magical heritage (such as the Malfoys), it is possible they were pure-blood, or at least half-bloods who cling onto their magical lineage. The two known members who worked within the British Ministry of Magic in more recent times have both proven their ineptitude in professionalism, having neglected their duties for their own agenda, both resulting in disgraceful removal from their respective offices.

Known family members


Fudge is an English surname chiefly found in the county of Somerset.[1][2] It is derived from a pet form of the English surname surname Fulcher.[1][2] The surname Fulcher derives from the Germanic male given name Fulcher/Fulchar, which means either "the people's army," from the Old German elements folk, "people", and heri/hari, "army," or "lord of the people," from folk and herr, "lord."[3][2]

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