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Fifth-year student: "Hello, Garreth. So, has your aunt been taking it a bit easier on you lately?"
Garreth Weasley: "Unfortunately, no. In fact, a few days ago she gave me a detention. I was only testing a new recipe in a mostly empty classroom. And the fire was put out quick enough."
— The new fifth-year student greets Garreth in 1890[src]

Garreth Weasley (b. 1874/1875) was a wizard and Gryffindor student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the late 19th century. His aunt was Professor Matilda Weasley. He was known to experiment with self-created brews of magical drinks.[4]


At the age of eleven, he started his education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, being sorted into Gryffindor House.[5]

In his fourth year, he watched Natsai Onai levitate a book in the Great Hall when the spell was suddenly ended by an unexplained magical disturbance.[9]

He became deeply passionate about potions, even going so far as to invent some, and using his family as 'test subjects' for his various experiments.[10] During his time at Hogwarts, his aunt Matilda Weasley served as the Deputy Headmistress, keeping a watchful eye over him.[5] He spent the summer of 1890 perfecting a recipe for a drink, which he took to Hogwarts with him to test the reactions of other students. Garreth concluded it was nearly done.[11]

In his fifth year, he obtained, possibly via the new fifth-year student, a Fwooper feather from Professor Aesop Sharp's office, hoping to use it for his Wiggenweld Potion in class. When he added it to his potion, he caused it to fail and spark.[12] Even though Garreth was very passionate about potions and liked to be creative, Professor Sharp did not appreciate his inventions.[11] That same year, Garreth had an idea for Fizzing Whizzebee-inspired beverage for which he needed a key ingredient, dried Billywig stings. He asked the new fifth-year student if they could help retrieve the ingredient from Honeydukes's cellar. He did not want to try himself because Matilda wanted him to focus on Potions class instead of his own inventions. He told them to use the secret One-Eyed Witch Passage which led to the cellar. He was glad when they returned with the Billywig stings, telling the student he would let them know when he created the first batch of his concoction.[13] He owned a diary he occasionally wrote in.

Magical abilities and skills[]

  • Potions: Garreth was a passionate potion-maker, forever experimenting with new brews over the summer holidays as well as in term time. Even when his experiments failed, he was dedicated to perfecting his recipes by trialling new methods.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Garreth Weasley is voiced by Joseph Burdge in Hogwarts Legacy.[14]
  • If the player chooses Gryffindor house, they will speak to Garreth in the Gryffindor common room on their first day. He is standing by a cabinet encouraging other students to try the drink he had brewed. He tells the player he heard about their travels on the way to Hogwarts and he was glad they and Fig were okay. He asks the player if it is true that a Ministry worker was in their carriage. Garreth will verify he is the nephew of Matilda Weasley, a fact he doesn't enjoy because he is still treated like a first-year student.[11]
  • In their first Potions class, the player will be asked to steal a Fwooper feather by Garreth. They can accept or refuse the request. If they accept, they will successfully give Garreth the feather and he will add it to his potion which will fail. Professor Sharp will know what they did. If they refuse, Garreth will be disappointed but understanding.


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