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"He holds a vial of some glowing gold substance in the palm of his hand. SPIELMAN reaches for the vial, which hangs on a chain, and after a moment of hesitation, ABERNATHY releases it."
— Description of Gellert Grindelwald's pendant[src]

This pendant contained a small vial wherein were sealed the blood of Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald after they made a blood pact in their youth[2] in late August of 1899.[3]

Grindelwald took the vial with him after the three-way duel against Dumbledore and Aberforth, which resulted in the accidental death of Ariana Dumbledore.[3] The blood pact prevented Dumbledore from confronting Grindelwald personally for years, which guaranteed him an advantage in the revolution he was leading.[4] It was eventually retrieved and given to Dumbledore by Newton Scamander in 1927, so that he could find a way to destroy it.



Albus and Gellert creating this blood pact

Sometime in mid-1899,[3] Gellert Grindelwald and Albus Dumbledore went to a barn one day. They faced each other and layed their hands out, facing each other and with their wands they scored their palms, breathing heavily with pain they interlaced their hands together. They lifted their hands into the air and two drops of blood, mingle and merged together to create a blood pact, medal then formed around the drop of blood, and created a beautiful vial that contained their blood pact which secured their bond and promising to never fight each other.[5]


Albus observing scared

Sometime in 1927, Albus Dumbledore went to the Room of Requirement, where the Mirror of Erised was placed at the time. Albus sensitively and scared, he saw this memory and carefully watched, as they created it, trying not to impulse and cover the mirror.[5]

Newt giving Dumbledore the blood pact pendant at Hogwarts

Soon after, Teddy saw the shinny pendent and secretly stole the vial from Gellert Grindelwald during his rally and Newt gave it to Albus Dumbledore planning to destroy it, which would allow him to finally participate in the war and defeat the Dark Wizard once and for all.[6]


"Love, arrogance, naivety, pick your poison."
— Albus Dumbledore's description on why it was made[src]

Albus showing Theseus this pendant

In the Winter of 1932, Albus Dumbledore looked at the Blood Pact, with intent of destroying, wondering how he was going to destroy it.[7]

After Albus and Aberforth blocked Grindelwald's Killing Curse aimed at Aurelius Dumbledore - their nephew and son respectively - the pendant fell to the ground and shattered, the blood pact breaking. Soon afterward, they are brought to a dimension and both of them duelled. However, once both of them have their wand at each other's heart, they stood still for a moment, and finally Dumbledore walks away. Grindelwald shouted to Dumbledore 'Who will love you now, Dumbledore?', and Albus responded saying he was all alone. Dumbledore subsequently showed the broken pendant to Newt, suggesting that his casting to protect while Grindelwald cast to kill was what broke the blood pact.[7]

Behind the scenes

The pendant art in the screenplay

  • This object's film prop replica is titled "FANTASTIC BEASTS: THE CRIMES OF GRINDELWALD™ GELLERT GRINDELWALD™ Pendant".[8]


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