This skull-hookah belonged to Gellert Grindelwald that was made of an aged human skull. When used it allowed others to experience Grindelwald's visions.[1]

Grindelwald sharing his vision


The inscription on the front of the skull included:


Gellert Grindelwald used it to foresee the Second World War and present the images in his mind to his followers during his rally in Paris. His lieutenant, Vinda Rosier, held the hookah for him so he could conjure fire with the Dark Arts. However, it was destroyed when Rosier, thinking she was aiming for Grindelwald, took a Stunning Spell to the torso from Leta Lestrange. The hookah's contents interacted with the flame, making it easier for Grindelwald to avenge Lestrange by killing her.

Behind the scenes

  • The prop director describes the use of it as “I inhale and exhale a spirit[2]


Notes and references

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