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"And there was an argument ... and I pulled out my wand, and he pulled out his."
Aberforth Dumbledore[src]

The wand of Gellert Grindelwald was of an unknown length, wood, and core material. He likely obtained it prior to starting his education at the Durmstrang Institute, and used it throughout his school career, and beyond. Grindelwald's wand remained in its master's possession in the months following his expulsion from Durmstrang. However, Grindelwald eventually set it aside upon attaining mastery of the Elder Wand.


Creation and early usage[]

Gellert Grindelwald school portrait

Grindelwald holding his wand

While at Durmstrang, Grindelwald gained a reputation as a brilliant student, with an unfortunate fascination with the Dark Arts. Eventually Grindelwald's experiments in Dark Magic escalated to the point where he came close to killing a number of his fellow students.[1] After this incident Grindelwald was expelled from Durmstrang, but not before he carved the Sign of the Deathly Hallows onto one of the castle's walls.[2]

Later usage[]

After his expulsion, Grindelwald set out on an expedition to find the Deathly Hallows, which he had long been obsessed with. His journey took him to Godric's Hollow, where he sought to investigate the grave of Ignotus Peverell.

While in Godric's Hollow, Grindelwald struck up a romance with an eighteen year old Albus Dumbledore. Together the two boys dreamed of a world in which wizards would rule over Muggles, and sought to find and use the Deathly Hallows to help them achieve this goal. At some point during this time the two young lovers forged a blood pact to ensure they could never move against one another. After two months of scheming Dumbledore and Grindelwald were all but ready to put their plans into action, and were preparing to depart on their quest for the Hallows, with Albus's younger sister Ariana to accompany them. Unfortunately Ariana was in no fit state to travel, and it was Dumbledore's other sibling Aberforth who informed them so, refusing point blank to allow them to take Ariana abroad with them. Grindelwald became enraged and inflicted the Cruciatus Curse on Aberforth, instigating a three way duel, in which Ariana was killed. Fearing retribution for his part in the incident, Grindelwald fled the country, on what was now to be a solo quest.[3]

Final usage[]

Working alone from this point on, Grindelwald pursued rumours of the Elder Wand, one of the three Hallows, which was said to reside with the noted wandmaker Mykew Gregorovitch. Grindelwald located Gregorovitch's place of business, and broke into his workshop stealing the Elder Wand from its rightful master. Gregorovitch burst into the room, intent on apprehending the thief. Grindelwald then drew his wand for what may have been the final time. He incapacitated the wandmaker with a Stunning Spell, and made his escape, the world's most powerful wand now in his possession.

Search for Grindelwald's wand[]

Gellert Grindelwald's wand HM

Grindelwald's wand by 1991-1992 school year

The wand eventually ended up in the possession of Borgin and Burkes by the 1991–1992 school year, although Borgin and Caractacus Burke didn't obtain its provenance. A magical artefacts collector bought the wand from the store and sought to verify it as Grindelwald's. At the same time, a Metamorphmagus Dark wizard used the Cruciatus Curse on a number of individuals in an attempt to track down Grindelwald's wand to "reclaim Grindelwald's glory", catching the attention of the British Auror Office.[4]

Kingsley Shacklebolt and Nymphadora Tonks were assigned to stake out Knockturn Alley in the hopes of capturing the Dark wizard. With the Auror Office being short-handed, particularly due to the Dark wizard sending two Aurors to St Mungo's, Alastor Moody brought in the Rare, Obscure, and Confounding Case Division agent Jacob's sibling to help. After Jacob's sibling met with Kingsley and Tonks, the three staked out Borgin and Burkes, as they had received intel that the Dark wizard was inside. Noticing Mundungus Fletcher leaving Borgin and Burkes, Jacob's sibling convinced him to tell them that the Dark wizard had been inside the shop using the Cruciatus Curse on Borgin and demanding the location of the wand, although Borgin told him that the wand had already been sold to a collector. Mundungus claimed that the Dark wizard had already left the shop, but stated that he had simply disappeared with no sign of Apparition or Floo powder.[4]

After Kingsley had interviewed Borgin regarding the situation, he, Tonks, and Jacob's sibling met up at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, where they discussed the collector who had bought the wand. Kingsley stated that Borgin had claimed that the collector was legitimate and sought to obtain the provenance of the wand. Knowing that Borgin and Burkes hadn't bothered to obtain the wand's provenance, the three realised that the collector would likely seek out Garrick Ollivander to verify the wand as Grindelwald's. Jacob's sibling stated that, if they could get to the collector in time, they could involve the collector and Ollivander to set a trap for the Dark wizard. Kingsley and Tonks agreed, deciding to head to the collector's home due to the higher likelihood that the Dark wizard would be there. Jacob's sibling offered to visit Ollivanders to explain the situation to Ollivander before joining them at the collector's house, with Kingsley and Tonks agreeing after Kingsley was assured of what Jacob's sibling would do if confronted by the Dark wizard there.[4][5]

However, before Jacob's sibling got to Ollivanders, the Dark wizard had already incapacitated Ollivander and used his Metamorphmagus abilities to assume his appearance. Unaware of this, Jacob's sibling arrived at Ollivanders and questioned "Ollivander" regarding the wand on Auror business. "Ollivander" seemed to have forgotten ever meeting Jacob's sibling and quickly attempted to hurry them out of the shop, claiming that he was closing up and doing inventory. Jacob's sibling insisted on continuing the questioning, finding that "Ollivander" claimed that he didn't remember every wand he had ever sold and seemed to be extolling Gregorovitch's wands over his own. Jacob's sibling quickly realised that "Ollivander" was actually an impostor and demanded they reveal themselves, with the Dark wizard revealing himself and his Metamorphmagus abilities, explaining his ability to disappear. Jacob's sibling immediately cast either the Impediment Jinx or the Confundus Charm on the Dark wizard, incapacitating him, and secured the wand before alerting Kingsley and Tonks.[5]

Jacob's sibling met up with Kingsley in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, with Kingsley stating that the Dark wizard was awaiting trial and a likely Azkaban sentence and that the wand had been sent to a secure vault. Kingsley also informed them that Ollivander was shaken but alive, having snuck through a back door when Jacob's sibling showed up and distracted the Dark wizard, and was having his statement taken by Tonks. Kingsley offered Jacob's sibling some advice on working as an Auror before giving them a badge depicting Grindelwald's wand on behalf of Moody to remind them of their great accomplishments and all those that were still to come.[6]

Behind the scenes[]


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