Georges Clemenceau (28 September 184124 November 1929), popularly known by the nickname Tiger, was a French Muggle politician, physician, and journalist.[1] He served as the Prime Minister of France from 1906 to 1909 and again from 1917 to 1920.[1]

On 6 December 1926, Clemenceau came to the United States to deliver a talk, sequestering himself in the home of Charles Dana Gibson on East 73rd Street in Manhattan to prepare his speech for that evening.[2][3] Many admirers flocked to the house, hoping to secure interviews or autographs, but only a reporter for the New York Chronicle was granted access.[2][3] Clemenceau told the reporter that he had only slept five hours, but "was all ready for the fray," and planned to talk for an half-and-a-half.[2][3] He revealed that he had cut out a part of his speech dealing with "figures and statistics" establishing that Germany had not honoured the conditions of the Treaty of Versailles, but would likely re-add it for a future, planned appearance in Boston.[2][3] He also stated that he planned to discuss what he saw as the emergence of a "new triple alliance" that posed a threat to the Allied powers, consisting of "Kemalist Turkey, the reactionary Germany of Ludendorf [sic], and Russia of the Soviets."[2][3] The interview was published in the 6 December 1926 issue of the New York Chronicle.[2]

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