Gerbils are small mammals of the order Rodentia, known for their tunnelling behaviour. They are known to typically be non-aggressive in nature.[1]

Gerbils in the wizarding world

Gerbils are not known to be pets in the Wizarding world, but are fairly popular as pets in Muggle society.

There is a Transfiguration which turns teacups to gerbils. This spell was taught to sixth year students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.[2] When he first met with the Prime Minister of Muggles, Cornelius Fudge used the spell in order to prove himself to be a wizard. The Prime Minister later gave the gerbil to his niece as part of his attempt to rid himself of all reminders of his encounter with Fudge.[3]

Animagus Adrian Tutley was known to be able to transform at will into a gerbil.[4]

Another kind of gerbil is the fanged gerbil which is a gerbil with fangs. Augusta Longbottom once found a fanged gerbil in her handbag, as a joke by her husband. After that she always kept a mousetrap in her bag.


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