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"If you seek integrity, search first among the poplars."
— Gerbold Ollivander's maxim[src]

Gerbold Octavius Ollivander (fl. 19th century) was a pure-blood[1] wizard and wandmaker, who came from a long line of wizards who began selling wands in 382 B.C. He was the father of Gervaise Ollivander, and, through him, the paternal grandfather of Garrick Ollivander.[2]


Early life

Gerbold Octavius was born in or prior to the nineteenth century, somewhere in Great Britain. He was born into the wizarding Ollivander family, who had been in the wand-making business since 382 B.C.[2]

Career as a wandmaker

"My august grandfather, Gerbold Octavius Ollivander, always called wands of fir 'the survivor's wand,' because he had sold it to three wizards who subsequently passed through mortal peril unscathed."
Garrick Ollivander[src]

Gerbold took up the family business in London, studying further into wandlore and becoming an accomplished wandmaker.[2]

Gerbold believed that fir produced "the survivor's wand", as he had sold wands of this wood to three different wizards, each of whom found himself in mortal danger and came out unharmed. He was also fond of saying, "If you seek integrity, search first among the poplars," which his grandson Garrick found correct based on his own experience with poplar wands and their owners.[2]

During the nineteenth century, at a time when wands made of silver lime were in vogue, the wandmaker Arturo Cephalopos claimed that the wood's reputed connection with powers of Divination was "a falsehood circulated by merchants like Gerbold Ollivander, who have overstocked their workshops with silver lime and hope to shift their surplus". According to Gerbold's grandson Garrick, however, Cephalopos was "an ignoramus" who predictably went out of business.[2]

At some point, he fathered a son, Gervaise, and by the late 1910s he had a grandchild, Garrick. Both his descendants continued the family tradition of wandmaking.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • Gerbold may have run the family business during the events of Hogwarts Legacy, depending on when in the 19th century he was active.


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