A 1926 issue of a German-language wizarding newspaper

German was a language of West Germanic origin.[1] It was the sole official language of Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein, and was also widely spoken in parts of Italy and Switzerland.[1]


A German illuminated manuscript from the 10th century depicted three wizards dismounting broomsticks.[2]

The German painting Günther der Gewalttätige ist der Gewinner (English: Günther the Violent Is the Winner), dated 1105, depicted the wizard Günther the Violent playing the early broom game Stichstock.[2]

By 1926, there was at least one German-language wizarding newspaper, which reported on Gellert Grindelwald with the headline "Wo Ist Grindelwald?: Böser Zauberer Noch Immer Freiem Fuss" (English: Where Is Grindelwald?: Evil Wizard Still On The Loose) that year.[3]

When Lord Voldemort showed up at an unidentified woman's house looking for Mykew Gregorovitch on 1 September 1997, she frantically told him in German that Gregorovitch did not live there, and that she did not know him.[4]


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