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Voldemort: "Gregorovitch? I want Gregorovitch."
German woman: "Er wohnt hier nicht mehr! [He does not live here anymore!] He no live here! He no live here! I know him not!"
Voldemort: "Where is he?"
German woman: "Das weiß ich nicht! [I do not know!] He move! I know not, I know not!"
Voldemort and the terrified German woman[src]

This unnamed German-speaking woman lived with her two young children in the former home of the wandmaker Mykew Gregorovitch, which had high, timber-framed gables and was described as looking like a gingerbread house.[1]


One day in 1997 her door was knocked upon and she opened it, smiling. However, when she saw Lord Voldemort standing outside, her expression changed rapidly from happiness to terror.[1]

When he asked her if she knew the wandmaker, she told him that he did not live there anymore and that she did not know him. She tried to close the door on him, but Voldemort forced his way into the household. The woman tried to shield her two children, but Voldemort nonetheless murdered all of them with the Killing Curse.[1]

Harry Potter was forced to witness the woman's misfortune of meeting with Voldemort due to his connections with the Dark Lord, and felt deeply miserable for her family.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • Although the woman's fluency in German and the architecture of her home strongly suggest she lived in Germany, she may have lived in another German-speaking region, such as Austria, Switzerland, or Liechtenstein. She might also have lived in a German speaking area or other German-speaking territory in the Czech Republic, Belgium, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Poland or former Yugoslavia, France or Italy.
  • The way she tried to protect her children is reminiscent of how Lily Potter tried to protect her son Harry, although the woman was not given the choice to step aside and save herself.
  • It is unknown if this woman and her family were Muggles or witches and wizards (although her terror upon seeing Voldemort means it may be more likely for her to have been a witch)
  • Harry compared the deaths of this woman and her family to the death of Cedric Diggory: all of them were at the wrong place at the wrong time, and none of them were the actual targets of Voldemort, which did not prevent him from killing them without any hesitation.


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