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The German National Quidditch Team was the team that represented Germany for international Quidditch tournaments. They wore purple robes.

Team special move

The team special move, called The Barrenheim Barrage, was played out like football. Todt kicked the Quaffle hard to Blijk, who wove in and out of the opponents, and then she threw to Todt, who abruptly stopped, causing the opposing team to fly past him. The opposing chasers then turned back to see Todt throwing the Quaffle to Brand, who leapt into the air and smacked the Quaffle in. Blijk, who was on the other side of the goals, dropkicked it back towards Todt who gracefully leapt from his broom and brutally headbutted it in. Germany then did a victory pose.[1]


German Stadium

The German stadium looked like a medieval walled city. It even had a fountain within its walls. The Neuschwanstein Castle could sometimes be seen in the background beyond the forest.

Emblem and flag

German National Quidditch team logo

German flag

The team's emblem was white on the left half and purple on the right with a red phoenix. Their flag was black, red and gold.


1994 Quidditch World Cup

Germany qualified for the 1994 Quidditch World Cup.

2014 Quidditch World Cup

Germany qualified for the World Cup in Argentina.[2] They were beaten by Wales with 330 to 110.


German National Team
Kurt Todt Kursten Blijk Igor Brand
  Katrina von Glockenspieler Elena Eldritch  
Keeper Seeker
Hermann Wiel Konrad Weiss
German National Team
Unknown Unknown Unknown
  Unknown Unknown  
Keeper Seeker
Unknown Thorsten Pfeffer


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