This gigantic serpent guarded a hill in the enchanted garden that the Wizarding Schools Potions Championship took place in. The snake was of a massive size, had six eyes, and possessed the thick, spell-repellent hide of a dragon and the venomous fangs of the basilisk. The hill the serpent guards is placed at a key point in the garden; all the possible paths converge on the hill, meaning the serpent must be faced by any champion in the tournament.[2]


The Hogwarts potions champion eluded the serpent by first attempting to gain its attention by starting a fire in the nearby forest with a cartful of dry hay and the Fire-Making Spell, and, when this did not work, destroying an abandoned tower on the hill by disintegrating its supports with the Reductor Curse. With the snake's attention drawn, the student attracted it by smashing a Pungous Onion provided by Book of Potions and then poured Sleeping Potion onto its outstretched tongue while it was investigating the scent. This put the creature to sleep long enough for the champion to pass the hill.[2]


Notes and references

  1. This creature appears to be a magical hybrid, which were banned in 1965, therefore it must have been born before this.
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