These two women were the older Squib sisters of Gilderoy Lockhart.[1]


They are the daughters of Mr Lockhart, a Muggle, and Mrs Lockhart, a witch. Their mother doted on Gilderoy due to his magical powers and treated him as her unashamed favourite, which implies she neglected her daughters to some degree; being Squibs may have influenced her thoughts on them, as squibs are commonly looked down on in the wizarding community.[1]

The Healer who looked after Lockhart, Miriam Strout, stated in December 1995 that he never got visitors at St Mungo's.[2] This could mean that Lockhart's sisters were either deceased by then, or simply did not wish to see their brother.

Behind the scenes

  • It is rare for squibs, even one, to be born into a magical lineage.[3] The fact that these two out of three Lockhart siblings are squibs is noteworthy.


Notes and references

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