Ginny Weasley's Bedroom was where Ginny used to sleep at The Burrow before she married Harry Potter. It was located on the first floor landing.


The room was described as small, but had a good view of the orchard where the Weasleys played Quidditch. The walls were painted pink and were decorated with a poster of Gwenog Jones, the Beater and Captain for the Holyhead Harpies (a team that Ginny herself later played for), as well as a poster of the Weird Sisters, a popular band in the Wizarding World.


On the many occasions when Harry came to The Burrow to spend the holidays, his brief encounters with Ginny generally involved her becoming flustered and retreating to her bedroom.

DH chapter 07 BW

Ginny and Harry Potter in her bedroom

On 31 July, 1997, the morning of Harry's Seventeenth Birthday, Ginny took Harry into her bedroom for the first time, though they had spent very little time alone together since their break-up. They briefly discussed Harry leaving Hogwarts and going on the run with Ron and Hermione, then shared a Kiss, which was intentionally interrupted by Ginny's older brother Ron. When Harry left the room, he suspected that Ginny was crying-- something she was rarely known to do.

Whenever Hermione Granger visited The Burrow (usually during the summer holidays), she slept in Ginny's Bedroom.


Ginny's Room was on the first-floor landing of the Burrow, above the kitchen and below Fred and George Weasley's Bedroom.