Ginzberg Delaunay was a No-Maj department store established in 1899 and located on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, New York, near to Macy's.[1][2]


On 7 December 1926, Newton Scamander tracked Dougal, his escaped Demiguise, to this location. He also discovered than an Occamy had escaped and taken refuge in the storeroom. With the help of Jacob Kowalski, Porpentina Goldstein, and Queenie Goldstein he was able to return the beasts to his suitcase.[3]

Behind the scenes

Gnarlak informs Newt that ”Somethin invisible's been wreakin havoc around Fifth Avenue. You may want to check out Macy's department store. Might help what you're looking for.” indicating that the department store’s name might instead be Macy’s in the final movie.[4]


Notes and references

New York, NY, USA