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Griphook: "The right to carry a wand has long been contested between wizards and goblins."
Ron Weasley: "Well, goblins can do magic without wands."
Griphook: "That is immaterial! Wizards refuse to share the secrets of wandlore with other magical beings, they deny us the possibility of extending our powers!"
— An exchange between Griphook and Ronald Weasley[src]

Goblins were known to be able to employ their own brand of wandless magic.[1] This magic had the potential of being channelled through a wand, as Hodrod the Horny-Handed infamously demonstrated during the Chipping Clodbury riot in 1999,[2] but goblin possession of wands had been outlawed by the Ministry of Magic since the inception of the Wand Ban (Clause Three of the Code of Wand Use), passed in 1631.

Goblins resented this fact bitterly as, in Griphook's words, this was the wizards' way of denying them the chance of extending their powers through the study of wandlore.[1] This was, in fact, one of the facts that provoked one of the bloody, violent, Goblin Rebellions in the 17th and 18th centuries.[3]

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