A gold Galleon

"Gold, filthy gold! We cannot live without it, yet I confess I deplore the necessity of consorting with our long-fingered friends."
Travers's views on gold[src]

Gold (chemical symbol: Au) is a dense, soft shiny yellow metal with a high value as money and is used in jewelery.

The most common use for gold in the wizarding world is in the Galleon coin. The Charlatan in Babbitty Rabbitty and her Cackling Stump was given a sack of gold for his services.[1] The Philosopher's Stone is used for making metals into gold, implying that gold cannot be produced by standard means of transfiguration, hence its value as currency.

Behind the scenes

Unlike copper, silver, or iron, gold does not oxidise and tarnish, hence its long reputation as a supposedly "perfect" substance.


Notes and references

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