An abandoned goldfish in the London sewers

The goldfish is a small freshwater fish commonly kept as a domestic pet by humans.[1]


Ron Weasley was described as "mouth[ing] soundlessly like a goldfish out of water" when Hermione Granger abruptly stormed off to bed when they got into a quarrel after the Yule Ball in 1994.[2]

In 1995, when Hermione and Ron were helping Harry Potter search for a magical way for a human to breath underwater in preparation for the Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament, Ron suggested that Harry could have "turned into a goldfish any time [he] wanted" if he had become an Animagus.[3]

When contained in a cauldron, the gold-coloured luck potion Felix Felicis was described as "splashing about merrily," with "large drops leaping above the surface like goldfish."[4]

Joseph Edwards' Fish Fancies, a wizarding fish food made with magical ingredients, was intended for goldfish.[5]

A goldfish in a bag was among the many items discarded in the London sewers.[6]


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