Mrs Goldstein was a witch who lived during the early 20th century.[2] She was the mother of Porpentina and Queenie Goldstein.[2]

She and her husband died from Dragon Pox when their daughters were young.[2] This left the girls to "raise each other," which lead them to forge a life-long bond.[2][4][5]

After being sentenced to death in 1926, Tina Goldstein had her happy memories extracted from her head by Bernadette, who then cast them into the execution potion in the Death Cell.[6] To keep Tina sedated, the potion replayed the memories for her, including one of her mother calling her "pumpkin" and asking if she was ready for bed.[6]

Behind the scenes


Notes and references

  1. Presumably she was (at least) seventeen when Tina was born and Dragon Pox is said to be more fatal for the "young" and the "elderly" implying she was one or the other at the time. Given how she appears in Tina's memories, it is implied to be the former.
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