"Vernon tells me you're a wonderful golfer, Mr Mason...."
—Petunia Dursley practising flattering the Masons[src]

Golf is a Muggle sport where the objective is to use a club to hit a small ball into a hole in the least number of attempts. It is the subject of at least one joke.[1] According to Petunia Dursley, Mr Mason is good at golfing, though whether this is true or merely an attempt to flatter him is unclear.[2] Despite its popularity with Muggles, playing it is generally frowned upon in the wizarding world, and Montrose Magpies Chaser Alasdair Maddock was fired in the summer of 1999 for playing it along with other Muggle sports.[3] Golf balls themselves, on the other hand, seem to be more favourably looked upon; Oliver Wood used a bag of them to help test Harry Potter's mettle as a Seeker.[4]


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