Gordon Brown was a Muggle British politician and Chancellor of the Exchequer sometime before the 1990s. In July of 1996, chancellor Alistair Darling announced "controversial changes" to the capital gains tax. Mark Constantine told The Guardian that the measures would alienate the business community that Gordon Brown, as Chancellor, had fought to attract to the Labour Party.[1]

Behind the scenes

"Hello Jo. I have just returned from India, China, other countries during the course of the last year, and every young person I've met, has been reading your books. You have done more for literacy and reading and helping young children start to read than I believe anybody in our country, indeed, anybody on this continent. So congratulations on your latest book. We're incredibly proud of what you've achieved."
—Gordon Brown, "Harry Potter: A Blue Peter Special".[[src]]
  • The listing of Gordon Brown as Chancellor of the Exchequer sometime before 1996 is anachronistic, as Brown was the chancellor at the time.
  • J. K. Rowling has been a long-term friend of Gordon Brown, his family, and his party, donating £1 million to the Labour Party in September of 2008, being present during the birth of his son Fraiser, and supporting both him and his actions in various public statements.
  • When asked what house she would sort Gordon Brown into if she were the Sorting Hat, J. K. Rowling went with Gryffindor, though she merely based her choice on the fact that both Gryffindor and the Labour Party use red for their colours.[2]


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