"The Gorgon was fearsome and clever
(Two things that poor Morgan was never).
By staring alone
She could turn men to stone
So they'd have to be statues forever.
Miranda Goshawk, "The Rhyme of Gormless Morgan"[src]

Gorgons are dark magical creatures with the ability to turn anyone who looks at it into stone. They are thought to be female creatures which originate from Greece, as they appear heavily throughout their mythology.[1]


In 1991, Rubeus Hagrid used the expression "Gallopin' Gorgons" when he remembered that he had to send an owl to Albus Dumbledore, saying that he gave Harry Potter his Hogwarts acceptance letter.[2]

The character "Gormless Morgan", who appears in Miranda Goshawk's poem "The Rhyme of Gormless Morgan" was once made in charge of capturing a Gorgon, which led to his failure and petrification, as he "hated to think the most" and did not plan his task through.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • The best known Gorgon in the world may be the woman Medusa from Greek mythology. She was said to be a beautiful woman who compared her beauty with Athena's, and as punishment she turned Medusa ugly, turning her hair into snakes. She was so hideous that everyone turned into stone if they looked at her, if she also looked at them. Medusa also had two other sisters that were, too, gorgons.


Notes and references

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