A grandfather clock is a clock in a tall, free-standing wooden case, driven by weights.


There was a grandfather clock by the entrance to the Gryffindor Common Room.[1]

In 1993, Remus Lupin told his Defence Against the Dark Arts class that he once found a boggart in a grandfather clock.[2]

In 1994, inside the Riddle House, there was a grandfather clock that was covered in a few cobwebs.[3]

In August 1995, Lupin helped Sirius Black, Harry Potter, and the Weasleys repair a grandfather clock at 12 Grimmauld Place that had developed the habit of shooting heavy bolts at passers-by.[4]

In June 1996, while Dumbledore's Army infiltrated the Department of Mysteries, Harry stunned a Death Eater, who fell back into a grandfather clock (one of many) inside the Time Room. Another Death Eater began to topple grandfather clocks and overturn desks after his head de-aged into a baby's.[5]

In July 1996, when Harry accompanied Albus Dumbledore to Budleigh Babberton, Harry found a splintered grandfather clock with its face cracked.[6] This was part of Horace Slughorn's scheme to evade the Death Eaters by pretending he had already been attacked and carried off, and the clock was presumably repaired alongside the other damage Slughorn did to the squat.

Percival Shacklehorn had a grandfather clock in his tent, in which Laura Thorn hid after a Mountain Troll appeared.[7]

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