A grapefruit is a large yellow fruit with a somewhat sour, juicy pulp.

It is a known flavour of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.


In 1994, while Dudley Dursley was on a diet his mother served quarter pieces of grapefruit for breakfast to the family, giving Harry the smallest portion, as she felt this was the "best way to keep up Dudley's morale". Everyone in the family was served grapefruit and Uncle Vernon was aghast at the prospect of having only this to eat for breakfast. When, however, he was distracted by the arrival of the morning mail and Petunia was distracted with a kettle, Dudley swiped his grapefruit.[1]


Grapefruit are said to be so named because on the tree they grow in bunches like grapes.[2]


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